List of the best twitch poker streamers is a streaming website where entertainers can stream anything from eating ramen noodles in front of a camera to playing high stakes poker. Since you’re on, we’re guessing you are more interested in the later!

You can find all Twitch poker streamers currently live in the poker section of the website. If you find that there are a bunch of random Russian’s playing slots and reruns of pirated HSP episodes, well, you’ve probably looked at the non-peak hours, which can be quite a bleak place.

So, who are the streamers worth your attention?

1. jcarverpoker

Jason Somerville is the king of twitch. He regularly gets 5k+ and even 10k+ viewers on his streams, and he has been a long lasting pillar of the streaming scene. Specializing in MTTs and high stake hyperturbos, his stream includes frequent viewer interaction, a robot crow, and a great “feel” to the entire experience. Even when he runs poorly or takes a few bad beats there is always a relaxed, enjoyable vibe. Self-deprecating and incredibly talented, Sommerville is the grizzled sea captain of the Twitch seas.

The versatility of Sommerville’s play is what makes the stream so entertaining. One day he may be playing deepstacked MTTs mixed with exciting hyperturbo SNG action, and the next he might be sitting at high stakes 8 game or dabbling in PLO.

As you start to watch, you’ll start to be in on the little inside jokes that make it feel more like a community than a passive watching experience – pork chops, turkey burgers, and running it up are constant sources of entertainment.

He has expanded his Twitch success into a profitable online store and has successfully created an ongoing, twice yearly tournament series called “Run it Up Reno”.

2. Bparispoker

Complete crusher. If you want to get better at MTTs, watch this stream and follow along closely.

Bryan Paris is a devastating MTT player with over 10 million USD in cashes. His stream is less focused on entertaining commentary and more on solid strategy and advice. You will constantly find him final tabling major events and pulling in big cashes live for your viewing pleasure.

This stream will appeal to those who are looking for a more serious feel while not being dull.

3. Tonkaaap

Parker Talbot is an 888poker sponsored high stakes MTT crusher who also streams 1k sit and go’s regularly. He combines strategy and entertainment in a way that other streamers can only attempt to emulate, celebrating his victories with whiskey and the occasional blackjack degeneracy (although he has cut back on the table games lately, thankfully). Catch phrase – never lucky!

There is nothing more satisfying than watching Tonka punt off huge stacks in MTTs. Watching him squirm as he goes all in and prays “please no punish” is second only to watching him destroy final tables and lock up massive cashes on stream. Talbot is one of the most entertaining streamers in the business whether losing or winning, and his high level of play in tournaments is a pleasure to watch.

Sadly, his streaming has been very irregular as of late.

4. Kevinmartin987

Kevin Martin is a Canadian player known to have been on Big Brother Canada, who just recently won $100,000 Canadian for placing first in this years Big Brother!

He is one of the most improved players of all streamers. The difference in his skill level from one year ago and today is night and day. You just have to root for the kid.

He is a relatable streamer as he often plays lower and midstakes tournaments, sometimes mixing in some larger buyin events. This makes him a great choice for newer players who want to see what lower stakes tournaments are all about!

5. Lex Veldhuis

Lex is one of the oldest “new school” players in the game. His streams have switched entirely to MTTs. Both a crusher at holdem and PLO, his stream is high energy, filled with strong strategy, aggresive play, and constant viewer interaction. One of the only players able to crush both beers and tournaments at the same time!


6. Spraggy

Want some laid back fun? This stream is your answer. Ben J Spragg, or “Spraggy”, is a British streamer who made heaps off heads up play back in the good old days, and has now come back to lower stakes as a streamer. A relative new streamer to the game, he has been putting up consistent numbers of viewers.

Did we miss your favourite streamer? Let us know in a comment below!


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