Privacy Policy

Here at the website we have put together a very robust yet very easy to understand privacy policy, and with that in mind we cordially invite you to read through it below.

By doing so you will then discover what, if any information we collect from you throughout this website and how we will use that information. However, please be aware that to use and visit this website you will never be required to sign up or register to access any part of the site, so you are free to come and go at any time.

Information Collected

As soon as you land on our website we are going to use tracking based software that will enable us to see what part of the world you are from, the type of computer operating system you are using and also the parts of the website you are visiting.

You will also find that we will leave a cookie on your computer which will allow us to recognise you as a website visitor and by using those cookies we will also be able to track you if you click on or visit any third party website linked into our site. That will allow those sites to see you came from our website and make available any unique bonuses or promotions they gave to us to offer to you.

Using Your Information

The only time when we are going to make contact with you is when either you have signed up for our email list or when you have made contact with us looking for the answers to any questions. All information you supply us with will be stored securely and will only be used to contact you as required and/or requested.

Banner and Links

All of the banners and links we have throughout this website will link to one of our featured and showcased third party websites. Be aware that if you interested in making use of any promotional offers or deals mentioned via those text links or displayed on those banners you should click on the respective links or banners.

As each poker site can update or change their bonus offers and promotional deals at any time you should check their respective websites to make sure any offer you see advertised or displayed on this website is still valid, as they are subject to change at any time.

Third Party Websites

Obviously we aim to present to you and showcase to you as many poker sites as we can that will suit your playing style, bankroll and personal wants and demand. To enable us to do so we have links to many third party poker related websites.

However, be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any of the content or services displayed or offered on any third party website and each of those sites are going to have their own set of terms and conditions and their own privacy policies which you should read through when paying any of those sites a visit.