PokerTracker 4 is a heads up display program which gathers information on opponents and displays it in real time. Its value comes from analyzing your opponents play to help you make correct decisions and respond to situations optimally in the moment. The second greatest strength of PT4 is the extensive self analysis that it lets you perform using customizable reports to find your major leaks.

The two most trusted and popular HUD programs, PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 are now owned by Max Value Software as a result of a 2014 merger between Cardrunners Gaming (creator of HM) and PokerTracker Software, LLC. Max Value software is the sole purveyor of both HM2 and PT4, both excellent HUDs which will improve your game play.

Why use PokerTracker 4?

PT4 is the cleanest, easiest to use HUD that I have experience with. The process to import hands is straightforward and automated, and default HUD settings let you jump right into the game. It is highly customizable and lets you decide which stats are most relevant to each style of game, be it cash, MTTs, or SNGs.  If you have never used a HUD before you will be shocked at the difference it makes. Using a HUD is a step towards making the best possible decisions to maximize your value at every possible opportunity. Live hand tracking and stats display will change the way that you play the game.

PT4s extensive features will improve your poker strategy

1. Live Hand Tracking

Like all HUDs, PT4 is used to track information on how your opponents play hands. PT4 collects data on thousands of stats, from how often your opponents will fold to a continuation bet to how often they 3bet preflop. These are example of the most common statistics that you will be using.  If you wish to delve deeper into what PT4 offers, there are stats for almost every situation conceivable that get collected automatically as you play. An example of a more in depth statistic you could use would be how often a player will check raise you on a turn.

2: In depth reporting

PT4 offers the tools you need to analyze your game. The Range Visualizer is one of the most important tools available to help you understand where you are making the biggest mistakes in preflop play. Using this tool, you can track which hands won and lost you the most money in different situations and positions at the table. For instance, after collecting a large enough sample you might find that certain hands are more profitably played as a cold call and others win your more money as a 3bet. This tool is one of the best for analyzing your preflop ranges and fixing leaks in your preflop strategy.  It is especially useful for understanding which hands you can profitably defend your big and small blinds with, and which you should just toss into the muck. This tool is more useful once you have a good sample of hands.

PT4 Hud Review

The PokerTracker player summary shows you which players are the biggest winners and losers and the stakes you play. This broad tool allows you to analyze not just the players but the games that you play, showing you which styles of play offer the highest levels of win rates across the board. You will find quite quickly which kinds of players are consistent winners – the ones that play aggressively.

The Leaktracker tool is one of the greatest tools offered with PT4. After you have collected a large enough sample size, with the click of a button the HUD program will analyze your playstyle for potential mistakes and suggest improvements. It uses data on which styles of play are most profitable and lets you know when you fall out of profitable ranges of play.

While the Leaktracker is useful, the tools I have mentioned are quite basic compared to what you can actually achieve with PT4. You will want to search out more in depth guides for creating custom reports.

3: Customizable displays

PT4 has a drag and drop HUD editor which allows you to create multiple HUDs for each different game type to display different stats. The process is simple and intuitive, and allows you to create an extensive HUD or a simple one which tracks only the most basic of stats.  Below shows you the process of creating a customized HUD profile. Note at the top right the Color Ranges setting – this allows you to set ranges of stats which will show up in different colors in game. An example would be for the preflop raise statistic. You could set the range to show all players with a PFR percentage of 18% or less as red and those who raise more than 30% as green to help you quickly see which players are tight and which are too loose. This is ideal for multi-tabling where the accurate and efficient presentation of information is essential to making decisions fast enough.

This just touches on the surface of what PT4 offers. You can check out the full list of features on the Official Website. I use this product and personally recommend it to all players seeking to up their game.

PT4 Hud Review

Which online poker sites support PokerTracker 4? 

PT4 is designed to be used with all of the best online poker sites. 888Poker, Full Tilt, iPoker, Merge, MPN, OnGame, partypoker, PokerStars, Revolution Gaming, Winamax and Winning Poker  all support PT4. These are the major networks and represent the bulk of online sites. If you are playing on a different site or network than the ones listed, you can contact PT support by email and quickly get a response as to whether your site is supported. I emailed the support and received a response by the end of the day as to the site I play on.

Are HUDS against the rules of poker?

In general, no they are not. However, certain sites do not allow HUDs. HUDs are seen as one of the more basic poker tools because they only track data that you are gathering by playing hands. They are not a tool which gives you additional benefits, such as calculating pot odds for you or manipulating the websites you play on to seat you at tables against weaker players. You can always contact a representative of the site you play on before using a HUD to get their official policy. Sky Poker is an example of a site which does not support HUDs.

HUDs are how to play poker and win in the current environment

You may have heard that texas holdem has become tougher online in the last decade. That is correct. Poker games are not as easy as they once were, and one of the reasons they grew more difficult is HUD use. If you play without a HUD, you’re simply putting yourself at a massive disadvantage. There is no way for you to possible take detailed enough notes to get the same advantage as using  a HUD. While poker tools should not be viewed as a substitute for paying close attention at the table, they are a vital component of poker strategy.

How much does PT4 cost? 

Before buying PT4, use the 30 day free trial to test out the software. You do not need to provide a credit card for the trial, and it is completely risk free.

The full version of PT4 costs 99.99USD, with the small stakes version for the price of 59.99USD which is limited to 0.10/0.25 blinds for NL and PL cash games, 0.25/0.5 limit and 11.00 buy-in limit for MTTs and SNGs. This is a lifetime membership with no further fees.

What is better, HM2 or PT4?

Holdem Manager 2 and PT4 are both premium HUDs which are used by professionals. Because they are both created by the same company and have similar features, the main difference is your personal preference. Personally, I prefer PT4. One reason you may wish to buy HM2 is because they have paired up with some of great poker sites with an online poker bonus program that can allow you to get their HUD completely for free.


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