Sites spend vast sums on advertisements and bonuses to attract new customers. Before signing up for a new site it is important you know exactly which promotions they offer. Once you have signed up you missed your chance! Poker bonuses are the best way for sites to attract players, and some sites are not too forthcoming of the fact that there are conditions and fine print which makes them less lucrative than they appear at first glance. We have in depth information on how exactly to take advantage of each offer right here. Want to learn how to get FREE poker money? Read our article on no deposit required bonuses for information on how to get started playing for REAL money without ever having to put in your own cash.

888poker Bonuses

888 is most famous for having the best no-deposit required bonus offered by any major site. They are one of the sites that we have wrote on in our play online poker free article where we discuss all the best no deposit required bonuses available. They credit each new account with up to 88$ without any deposit needed. Sound too good to be true? Well, there is some fine print. It states that you receive a cash gift of 88$ as soon as you sign up, it does not really work that way. You have to earn it!free-poker-1

For players in countries other than the UK, the offer is given with an immediate 2$ credited to your account as well as 6$ in tournament tickets. So, almost 10% of the free money is credited instantly to your account. To unlock the rest of the amount, players need to earn Points. Each 250 points earned unlocks another 8$, distributed in 2$ cash and 6$ in tournament tickets.  Points are earned by paying rake, either through cash games or tournament fees. For every 1$ contributed in rake in cash games, a player earns two points. For every 1$ in tournament fees, a player earns 2 Points.

There is more. In order to withdraw the real money cash reward, you need to accumulate 2.5 Points for every 1$ of the received Cash.

If you want more information, please read the official policy.  While the information in this article is current as of the time posted, it is possible they have made some small changes.

888 also offers a matched deposit bonus, up to 400USD. The reward starts at the time that you make your first deposit, and expires after 90 days. Every time that you earn 100 Status points, you unlock 10$ of your gift. To earn these status points you need to play real money games. Each 1$ in rake paid will unlock 2 status points. If you prefer playing sit and go’s and tournaments, then each 1$ in entrance fees that you pay will unlock two status points. The best way to unlock your money is through cash games. In order to unlock the full 400USD bonus amount playing tournaments, you would have to earn 4000 status points by paying 2000USD in tournament fees. Since tournament rake is generally 10%, that means in 90 days you would need to play in tournaments for roughly 22000USD, which is a massive amount for even pro players.

If you want more information, please read the official policy.  While the information in this article is current as of the time posted, it is possible they have made some small changes.

Like all poker offers, the real terms and conditions are not nearly as sweet as what you would first expect. However, 888 has very competitive benefits compared to the world market, and is one of the only websites where you can immediately start playing with real money without ever depositing money.

888 has the added feature of having representatives active from 2011 – present on twoplustwo forums on their official 888poker players thread. If you have not been on twoplustwo before, it is the leading forum. There are over a thousand pages of comments from players and representatives on everything you could imagine pertaining to 888poker.


Stars is highly competitive with the highest traffic, the best software, and one of the best reputations as a trustworthy site to play on. They also offer sign up bonuses which you can take full advantage of. Remember – you can only use one of the available sign up offers, so choose wisely.

The easiest sign up reward is the 20$ of free play. As soon you deposit 20$ with the gift code FREE20, you are eligible for 20$ to be credited to your account within 36 hours. The amounts vary slightly depending on your currency – $20/€17/£12/CAD $25. You also get 1 million in play money chips and 100k privilege freeroll tickets that you can use within the next 31 days to enter tournament. This is a good choice for someone who is never planning on making a big deposit on a  site, and wants to play  online without risking much of their own capital. It is not a good prize to take advantage of if your goal is to become a serious player and profit long term, as there are simply higher value offers available for those with larger bankrolls.

What is not perfectly clear on the website is whether you can withdraw the free cash immediately, or if you have to wait. If they had no restrictions, people would deposit 20 bucks, withdraw 40, and be on their way with the profit. So, I emailed Stars support to understand if there were any requirements on cashing out with this promotion. This was their response (March 23, 2016).

“There are no specific cashout requirements but with all promotions the funds are expected to be used at our tables, in our Casino or for our Sportsbook, and not simply cashed out. All cashouts are subject to review and may not be approved if it is determined the funds were not used for legitimate play.”

While the 20$ bonus is appealing, it is not the best choice for more serious players. The 100% signup bonus is much higher value. You can double your initial sign up, to an amount of 600USD.

How does it work? You can make three initial deposits within 60 days, and after each deposit you have 4 months to clear the cash gift for the amount deposited. So, make sure you space out your deposits within the 60 days to give you the best chance possible of getting full value.

For each 200VPPs you earn, 10$ is cleared to your account. A VPP is short for VIP Play Points, and you earn them by playing real money games. For every dollar in rake you pay, you earn between 7-10 VPPs depending on the stakes you play. The lower the stakes, the more you earn, but the harder it is to pay the amount of rake needed to unlock the reward.

You can read the Stars VPP faq on their official site to get down to the nitty gritty calculations of how to best take advantage of their online poker promotion.

Party Poker 

Like Stars, Party has a 20$ deposit bonus. When you make your first deposit of at least 20$, you are credited with 10$ for cash games and 10$ in tournament tickets.

In addition to this benefit, they have missions available only to new players. The first mission, for example, is to play at one of their casual cash game tables. These tables are perfect for new players because they limit players to only one table at a time. This means you will not be up against a low stakes pros grinding out 22 tables of microstakes at a time! All you have to do is play 5 hands, winning one of them, and you get 5$ credited to your account! Check out the missions on their official site for complete details. It’s a fun, friendly approach to a new player deposit promotion.

Did you notice that some of the later missions unlock a second deposit bonus? By playing missions, you are eligible for the Party matched deposit bonuses. If you can manage to deposit 20$, get the 20% of free play and beat all of the missions, the Party offer is very attractive.

Fulltilt Poker 

Fulltilt has been aquired by PokerStars, and thus offers the same bonuses. You can see the official rules for more information.

PaddyPower poker

PaddyPower offers the choice of two different poker signup bonuses.
The first is a promotion of 25€ with a deposit of at least 5€. You unlock these gifts after earning 1 or more power point.

When you deposit at least 5€, you earn 2 5€ Twister Tokens, which are used for PaddyPower’s version of spin and go’s, fast paced 3 man Texas Holdem tournaments with randomized prizes.

You also earn a 5€ entry into one of their no-lose tournaments, which is awesome because even if you bust out before the money you still get 5€ back in tournament credit!

Also, you earn a 5€ credit to a mobile only HU tournament, and finally access to a month of tokens for new player restricted tournaments. You receive 30 tournament tokens which equates to a month of play time.

The other choice, is the 100% deposit match of up to 200€. You earn the first 5€ after earning 150 points, the second after 250, and then the following bonus at a rate of 5€ per 350 points.

You can check out their official terms and conditions. Taking full advantage of these promotions is simply another part of poker strategy.


BoyleSports offers two different bonus types for new players. The first is 5£ of free tokens, and the second is a doubled deposit. Most promotions offer a 100% matched first deposit, but BoyleSport offers a much more appealing 200% matched first deposit. Unlike other sites, you do not have to chose a single offer. Both can be used.

If you deposit £10 or more, you qualify for the £5 of tournament credits as well as 3 x £1 in Twister tokens and 1 x £2 Monday Mega Stack Token.

You can deposit up to £500 in order to receive £1000 in funds. The way it works is that you unlock your money with iPoker points. For every 880 iPoints EUR, 1,100 iPoints GBP, or 770 iPoints USD earned, an additional €/£/$10 cash will be released – up to a maximum of €/£/$1,000 (dependent on first transfer). You have 60 days to claim your cash gift, and you earn these points through playing real money. Each €1 paid in rake or tournament fees earns 26.4 points. For those playing in USD, $1 of rake is 20 points.

Check out their official conditions for more information on their poker bonus program.


The sign up bonuses offered at Bet365 are quite simple. When you open your account, and deposit a minimum of €10, you unlock tournament tokens worth €5. Your first deposit up to a maximum of €100 can be matched by gaining Merit Points. You earn 15 Merit Points for each €1 in rake or tournament fees paid, and you unlock the first €1 of your cash after 50 Merit Points, the next €4 after 300 Merit points, and the rest of your cash in €5 increments after each 450 Merit Points. Check out the full information on promotions their promotions.

Want a poker bonus explained? Leave a comment below, and we will expand this article further to make sure everyone gets the information they need. Poker rules are sometimes easier to understand than the hoops and terms that sites make you jump through to unlock their full bonus, so we hope that this article has been helpful. Online poker bonuses are the key to starting off your journey successfully as well as being the bridge into higher profits when switching sites, and we want to make sure everyone can take full advantage of the programs offered by all the best online sites in the world. Go back to our our main page for more up to date information.

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