Party Poker is one of the longest lasting poker sites

While Party is no longer the most popular site in the world, it still ranks among the largest and most active. They feature high guaranteed weekly tournaments, a healthy player pool, and a site catering to recreational players. As one of the most successful sites around they are able to offer promotions and special events to cater to their player base. It offers unique features, softer games, and enough traffic to keep games running around the clock.

Party Poker bonus info

Party Poker offers unique mission bonuses for new players in addition to a fairly standard deposit bonuses. The standard first time deposit bonus is a matched $20 on the first deposit, in the form of $10 for cash games and $10 in tournament tickets. For those who can afford to play with a bigger bankroll, other sites do offer more appealing matched first time deposit bonuses. This makes Party a great site to start out on. You can learn the rules of poker, get comfortable with the online variant, and with a small investment be able to start your journey into this exciting game. The matched bonus should give you enough money to start the “New Player Missions,” which are an awesome bonus for first time recreational players. After making your deposit you will complete tasks in order to unlock cash bonuses and the possibility of earning a matched deposit bonus! For example, one of the bonuses is unlocked by playing at their “Casual Cash Game” table for a minimum of 5 hands. This is perfect for beginners. Casual Cash games only allow players to be seated at a single table, which means that especially at the lower stakes you are certain to be up against people playing for fun, not the people who are taking detailed statistics and notes on you in order to exploit every one of your tendencies to pay their rent. To get the scoop on their most recent promotions, visit their site with the banner below.

Mobile Phone Poker Available!

If you like gaming on your phone, Party is perfect choice. Their games are available through their app, allowing you to play on the go. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. They even offer an specific app for their “fast forward game”, which is a quicker format of the game because you can fold before the action gets to you, allowing you to quickly find a hand that you want to play. The Fast Forward variant is also available in their main client, and is perfect for those who employ a tighter preflop poker strategy (playing only premium hands) as it lets you skip through the trash hands until you hit gold.

Monthly promotions

Party is on the ball when it comes to their promotions. They regularly offer satellites to major tournaments, and occasionally double their tournament guarantees to bring some major prize pools. They also offer fairly easy “missions”, such as the Sit and Go missions where you have to play a few one table tournaments a day, win a hand with a big pocket pair, and eliminate at least a player every day. When you take the game seriously, sometimes you can be spending so much time using poker tools like HUDs and spreadsheets to exploit your opponents that the game stops being fun. Being able to sit down at some low stakes tournaments to win a small $10 bonus can make it seem more like a game and less like a grind.

Games offered and traffic:

Party used to be the biggest site around in 2006. While PokerStars has surpassed them, there is still a healthy player population because of the solid reputation that they have gained with over 15 years of operation.

Party offers No limit Texas Holdem, Limit Holdem, Pot-Limit Holdem, Pot-limit Omaha, Pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. As with most sites, if you want to play a game other than the most popular No Limit Texas Holdem, you want to go on at peak hours when there is the most traffic.


Rake is the big one when it comes to choosing a site. At the low stakes of cash games, it runs around 5%, capped at $0.50 for stakes up to $0.30. The higher stakes have comparable rake percentages as well, with gradually increasing caps. Party has better rake than sites such as 888poker and Paddy Power, but obviously has worse rake than PokerStars. With up to 30.5% rakeback available, Party offers some of the most competitive rake in the business.

How does Party rank up in terms of software and design?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it seems to be the Party motto in terms of software and design. The look has not changed significantly in over a decade. Aesthetically, it is not the nicest site to play on. However, while it might not look like a million bucks the software is strong, with a lack of issues in connectivity and very rare bugs which to negatively impact user experience.

Refer a friend for cash rewards

Party Poker is one of the sites which offer referral programs. By referring a friend, you can receive cash rewards in $10 increments up to $100 per friend after they make their first deposit and play real money poker.


If a site has an official representative responding to questions on the world’s leading gambling forum, twoplustwo, it is a good sign that they care about responding to their players. If you want to get a sense of how Party treats their players, read through the responses that the official representative gives to players concerns in the official thread. Just click the “last” button to see the most recent posts, some from today.

Conclusion: PP is great for recreational players

The feature of “Casual Cash Game” tables which allow you to avoid grinders and professionals along with the welcome bonus missions make playing on Party more fun than other sites which host a reg-heavy lineup of opponents. While you will not get the best rake or the largest player pool on Party, it is the perfect place for someone with $20 and the drive to start playing online to get their start. For more advanced players, the quality of tournaments and large guarantees make Party a great place to play on, as well as having softer games than PokerStars because of their appeal to recreational players.


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