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Holdem Manager 2(HEM2) is the most recent software in the industry whose popularity is built on Holdem Manager as its predecessor. Holdem Manager 2 (HEM2) is a Heads Up Display program which completely reimagines the way you play. If you have never used a HUD program before, it is the tool which we recommend most in terms of upping your win rate. It comes with excellent features and amazing statistics that are more advanced for the benefit of online players. It is a valuable software that serious individuals who want to play online poker should invest in. Our review allows you to fully understand HM2 as we reveal the new features which have been added as well as its functionality.

What is a HUD? A HUD is like the most detailed notes you could ever take on a player, done automatically for you. Want to know how a player responds to being check raised on the turn? Your HUD will tell you. Want to know if a player is bluffing the river like a madman? Your HUD program gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. This excellent software gives you all the information that you need to successfully improve your game. For you to increase your chances of winning while playing, you need to have as much information as possible. This is exactly what Holdem Manager 2 does for you. It does not matter whether you are a tournament or cash player. There are features for all major games. This is software that you can’t afford to do without. Building on the success of Holdem Manager 1, HEM2 is more feature packed and ideal for the multi-tabling online grinder of today. If you are looking to become a serious player, a HUD is a vital tool. Our Holdem Manager 2 review will look into the core features of this product to help you understand if the price tag is worth it for your game.

How much does it cost?

If you’re a Texas Hold’em player, you have two options. The first is the Small Stakes Version, which will run you $59.99US. The second option is the full Pro Version, which has a cost of $99.99. The price gives you lifetime access to the product and support and development of updates.

Unfortunately, as a global company, they do not offer the option to purchase using the Euro. So, depending on the current exchange rate, you can either get a really good deal, or getting completely hosed.

The software is easy to set up and run. It is also cheap to buy hence good for you if you are looking for an excellent but affordable software. It is also possible to get the software free of charge if you sign up for a specific room with a minimum deposit. Holdem Manager 2 software acts like a hand history tracking program. It has the exceptional ability to keep tabs of your profits and losses. It also shows you the statistics of how both you and your opponents are playing.


In addition, it shows data on how you are playing with your opponents at the table. This enables you to determine a poker player that is tight, loose, passive, and aggressive and many more. Once you are aware about this important information, you can take advantage of your opponent’s weakness to beat him. This makes Holdem Manager 2 software your favorite program because not only does it give you the information you need to improve the way you are playing but also enables you to exploit your opponent on the way he is playing. This fantastic software has several complete charts that are easy to view as well as many different tools to give you data on statistics and results. If you are cash game player, it will enable you to know how much you have won or lost at each and every stake you participate in playing. You will be able to get and learn everything you want about cash games.

Holdem Manager 2 software also enables players to filter though tournaments and view results as well as important information about specific tournaments that may be of great help to the you. This unsurpassed software also includes other features such as heat map reports which helps you to know the hands that are being played. Additionally, it can run many graphs at the same time to enable you see your rakeback earnings and All-in expect value.

You can also run queries which are more complicated in order to produce graphs. This will enable you to know what your win rate is while multi-tabling.

Furthermore, it has a customizable HUD which enables you to create your HUDs for specific games e. g HUD for Full Ring NHLE. The HUDs can also be imported and exported within the shortest time possible. This makes Holdem Manager 2 a must have software for all players.

It also provides detailed player analysis so that you can to take advantage of situational filters on opponents and be able to see the way they are playing in different scenarios such as position and betting lines. It also has a killer-hand re-player to enable you review any hand of your choice. Of all the features that have been added to Holdem Manager 2 is the ‘versus’ stats stands out as the most significant. It enables you to specifically see how your opponent is going to play against you and not just the general play.

There is also a new iPhone app that will allow you enjoy the great experience of Holdem Manager 2 wherever you go with your devices. You will be able to directly upload hands from HEM2 as you review, filter, comment and share on different social media sites like facebook and twitter.

Does it work with other poker tools?

Absolutely. As one of the biggest HUD programs available on the market, HM2 prides itself on integration with other products, including TiltBreaker, SNG Wizard, TableNinja and Leakbuster. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry if you haven’t heard of all of those tools – HUD programs like HM2 are simply the most cost-effective, useful additions any player can add to their game.

How does this program increase my winrate?

There are two ways that HM2 increases your winrate.

  1. Real Time Stats on your opponents
  1. Self-Study

As you play, HM2 keeps track of the actions that your opponents take in real time, allowing you to understand what type of player you are up against. This is especially important if you are playing more than one table at a time and simply cannot get all of the necessary information. You will be able to tell which of your opponents are nits (player who only a very tight range of premium cards), which are aggressive, and how to exploit your opponents. For example, one of the most useful statistics on a player is how often they fold to a continuation bet. (For beginners, a continuation bet is when you are the pre-flop raiser, and you follow up on the flop with a bet). There are some players who fold to continuation bets between 70%-80% percent, compared to others who fold only 20%-30%. Against the players that fold less than a third of the time, you might be more inclined to bet an ace high hand for value and never slow play. Against an opponent that folds 75% of the time, you can profitably bet as a bluff when you miss the board, knowing that unless they got a piece they are going to throw away their hand.

Self-Study is one of the ways that HM2 ups your win rate. Did you know that HM2 keeps track of your wins and losses, as well as showing your all-in EV adjusted win rate? That means that you can track your progress at a stake and game and understand clearly when you can profitably move up. All-in adjusted EV means that HM2 keeps track of how much luck factored into whether you are losing or winning. For example, if you go all in preflop with AA vs KK, you have about 82% equity (depending on suits). So if the pot is £100, you “deserve” to win £82. Whether you win or loss the hand, HM2 will show you £82 of expected value as a separate statistics in your win rate graph, allowing you to compare your actual winnings with the winnings that you would have made if luck was not a factor in your all-in showdowns.

HM2 also tracks a myriad of other statistics, allowing you to review your play at each stake to see whether you are playing too lose or too tight, whether you are folding too much to raises, and whether you are 3betting too much pre-flop, just to name a few examples of what this powerful piece of software can do. The software includes a top-of the line hand replayer that allows you to review tough spots and grow your game through self-study, and upload hands to social media or training sites in order to have your peers help you with your decisions. HM2 includes integration with iPhone to allow for even greater ease of sharing statistics and hands.

Somewhere between self-study and your opponents tendencies is the amazing “versus” stat that HM2 includes. This allows you to see specifically how opponents are playing against you compared to the general population. How can this help? It allows you to understand how players view you. If they are always folding to your river bets but calling down light versus other players, then it means that they think your river bets are weighted too far towards value, and you might want to put in some bluffs to exploit their tendency to fold against you. Quick tip: if a player is tight versus the general population, but plays a wider range of hands against you, we’ve got a bit of bad news for you – your opponent views you as a fish and is willing to sacrifice range advantage while playing against you!

Does the HUD work for both cash and tournament games?

Absolutely. HM2 works for tournaments, including both large field MTTs and SNGs, headsup play, full ring and 6max cash games, and virtually any other variant of no-limit hold’em that you can think of. Not only does it show your statistics, statistics on other players, and your win-rate, it can even calculate your rake-back on the fly. You can adjust the fully customizable HUD for the different games you are playing, allowing you to use a different set of statistics for cash games and MTTs. This is important as different stats are useful for each different game type You will be more interested in how often a player shoves all in from the small blind with a 10bb stack in MTTs than cash games, for instance!
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Does Holdem Manager work with Pokerstars for Irish players?

HM2 works with all major poker sites (and some of the smaller ones as well). It works well with Pokerstars.

If you ever run into problems using HM2, http://forums.holdemmanager.com/ is a great resource to ask questions. HM support representatives monitor new threads to give up to date advice. The fact is, as sites changes and update their sites, and as computer software develops and changes, HUD programs have to quickly respond and there can be downtime where the program works either with missing features or not at all. HM2 support reps give detailed step by step solutions to get your HUD working again.

Can you get it for free?

HM2 is a premium piece of software, and it does come with a price tag. If you just want to try it out, you can get HM2 for free for one month. They offer a no commitment trial period of 30 days.

If I am a beginner player, should I invest in a HUD?

Not sure about buying a HUD? In my case, I already had about a year of very casual poker playing experience under my belt before I decided to take the plunge into buying a HUD. That meant when I first started up my trial, I was amazed. I had thousands of hands on players and I finally understood why I was losing money to some players and winning it off of others. It was like a lightswitch was turned on – I could see that some players were only reraising with absolute monsters of hands, and that others were bluffing me mercilessly. While a HUD is useful at all stages of your game, I would be inclined to recommend that you play at least a month or two of the lowest stakes before investing in one. Otherwise, you could get overwhelmed with information. The verdict? Yes, get a HUD as a beginner player – but put in a few months of play first so that you know you have the basics.

Conclusion: is it worth the price?

100% yes. It is a powerful tool with continued support and updates, and can transform the way you play. Don’t believe me? Try the free trial, and see for yourself.


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