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Thanks for visiting the www.playonlinepoker.ie website, and if you have something of a passion for playing any poker game variant then you really have come to the right website!

In this section of our site we are going to let you know a little more about the behind the scenes team and enlighten you as to why we decided to launch this poker news and information website.

Players have been able to play poker online for over two decades now, and in that time there has been many changes in regards to how you access the games and also the range and variety of both poker games and poker tournaments that you can actively take part in online.

In fact, with the advent of mobile poker apps and mobile poker sites you can also play poker anywhere and at any time via a mobile phone or tablet device.

Due to this ever changing poker playing environment we decided to launch this site to allow everyone which is interested in playing poker online to get a much better understanding of the poker software types that are available and also enlighten players on where you can access the exact type of poker games and poker tournament you are looking to play.

Having been established for quite a while now and having such a large base of website visitors we have also been able to negotiate some very high valued poker bonuses which you are more than welcome to make use of.

However, one aspect of this website that we are committed to is to only showcasing to you the very best online poker sites, and each site you come across will be fully licensed and regulated and will have had their games and software along with the random number generators controlling those games fully verified and certified as being completely random and fair.

That enables us to be 100% confident that no matter which of our showcased and featured poker sites you do decide to sign up to and play at is going to give you a fully rounded and first class poker playing experience.

If you already have found a poker site that you enjoy and prefer playing at then we have a range of additional articles and poker playing guides that we invite you to make use of and read through. Those guides and articles will be dedicated to showing you how you can improve your online poker play and will be packed with valuable poker playing hints and tips.

Plus, if you are interested in taking part in online poker tournaments then you really are going to be spoilt for choice, our team are always checking out just which are the very best poker tournaments available online.

Also we will be presenting you with all of the latest news stories which will enable you to find, locate and then enter the highest paying poker tournaments online, which include both freeroll poker tournaments and paid to enter poker tournaments, so have a good look around and enjoy your visit.